MCW Family

Our staff is committed to taking care of customers. We know that without our customers we would not be able to do what we love. Thank you Northern Nevada!

Ben Powning - Store Manager

Ben Powning

Store Manager
"Where did I put my RedBull?"
Ben Wilhelm - Service Manager

Ben Wilhelm

Service Manager
13 years of service here at MCW!
Mike Buttram - Shipping & Receiving

Mike Buttram

Shipping & Receiving
14 years at MCW! "Up in Alaska when I was a kid...."
John Crawford - Parts Specialist

John Crawford

Parts Specialist
Has owned over 100 different motorcycles(this year)!
Steve Dey - Service Advisor

Steve Dey

Service Advisor
T-MO - Parts and Accessories


Parts and Accessories
Resident fast guy! 3x ArenaCross Champ Numerous amateur titles Proof that you don't need to be 5' to win Arenacross!
Kathy Dye - F&I Manager

Kathy Dye

F&I Manager
Remembers when morse code was invented!